Typ Bullflex 12, Welle Ø 35 mm

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The Bullflex coupling has been especially designed to ensure optimum damping of vibrations.<br/><p>Torsional vibrations which are due to cycle irregularities (especially at low revs) are smoothed out extremely efficiently, thanks to its very flexible rubber element.</p>This pre-tensioned rubber element ensures low-noise and vibration-free transmission, without backlash between the engine and the propeller shaft.<br/>The Bullflex coupling is secured against shearing off, both axially and radially, thus ensuring safe transmission under all circumstances.<br/><b>ADVANTAGES OF THE VETUS BULLFLEX COUPLING:</b>
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Wellendurchmesser (mm) 35 mm
Type flex coupling Bullflex
D (mm) 200
L (inches) 6 15/16
D (inches) 6 21/32
Max. RPM at 2º misalignment 2000
Max. RPM at zero misalignment 4000
Max. torque Nm DIN 6270A 540
Max. torque Nm DIN 6270B 900
DIN 6270A = commercial craft kW (HP)/100 shaft RPM 7.1 (9.6)
DIN 6270B = pleasure craft kW (HP)/100 shaft RPM 9.8 (12.8)
L (mm) 177
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